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James Bond was “reincarnated”

Another article was published and obviously Onecoin is subject of international interest. During the last few weeks this cryptocurrency became the center of heart-heated debates. Some viciously attacked Onecoin and some defended it.


Besides the facts however a new wave of “James Bond activists” was born out of the blue, pretending to give to the readers an inside view and reveal the secrets of Onecoin.

“….Tarmac de l’aéroport de Düsseldorf, Allemagne – Les passagers descendent du vol international en provenance d’Oslo. Ce mardi de mars 2017, une poignée d’officiers en civil inspectent la foule d’anonymes, jusqu’à reconnaître Bjorn Bjercke. Les fonctionnaires l’invitent à prendre place dans une voiture banalisée aux vitres teintées. Direction le centre-ville.

Brusquement, le véhicule tourne pour s’engouffrer dans un parking gardé par des agents de police. Le conducteur présente ses documents d’identification. « J’étais en train de vivre ma première expérience à la James Bond »…..”

Translation by authors: “"... .Tarmac at Düsseldorf Airport, Germany - Passengers depart from the international flight from Oslo. This Tuesday in March 2017, a handful of plainclothes officers inspect the anonymous crowd, until they recognize Bjorn Bjercke. Officials invite him to take a seat in an unmarked car with tinted windows. Direction downtown.

Suddenly, the vehicle turns to rush into a car park guarded by police officers. The driver presents his identification documents. "I was having my first James Bond experience"”

The article, pretending to be at an “expert level” consist of numerous statements with dubious level of reliability and we have decided to double check and clarify some of the main statements, without being explicit in our research…so:

What is Onecoin?

Researches made so far show that, this phenomenon is one of the 700 currently known cryptocurrencies, but following its own path of development and business strategy. Launched by the Bulgarian national Dr. Ruja Ignatova, Onecoin presents centralized and fully closed product using private blockchain and having serious development plans for the future. (www.onecoin.eu)

Contrary to the pioneer – Bitcoin, Onecoin have been carefully breaded and as a result is currently the only AML/CFT compliant product on the market of crypto-units. Gaining more than 3 million users for less than three years the quality speaks itself.

What is OneLife?

OneLife Network Ltd is a network – marketing company that is an exclusive distributor of the “OneAcademy” (www.oneacademy.eu) educational programs/courses, consisting of different levels, including video lectures, exercises and other materials. Registration with OneLife is for free and no purchase of any kind is required. The company has detailed Terms and Conditions, where in addition the relations with the distributors - -as called Independent Marketing Associates are subject of detailed regulation by the IMA Agreement placed on the company website. (www.onelife.eu)

In relation to Onecoin and the allegations that it is a “Ponzy scheme”, it should be noted that Onecoin is not sold, it is mined by users, therefore no “pyramid selling” can take place. On another matter referring to OneLife – can you define what the “pyramid” characteristics are? Below some of these characteristics are listed for clarity

  • Participation is tied to obligatory payment of funds, in most cases substantial amounts – OneLife has no such requirement;


  • Commissions are solely based on attraction new participants, without any product/service for the value – OneLife commissions are solely based on sales volumes realized by the IMAs;


  • In the “pyramid selling schemes” there is no real product – OneLife has a real product – educational courses – 7 levels, with video materials, lectures, exercises and tests. Lecturers are reputable persons with the relevant academic experience and expertise;


  • In the “pyramid selling schemes” participants can’t get their “invested” amounts back – OneLife provides to its members refunds, in case the member decides to not use the product purchased;


  • In the economic sense the “pyramid selling schemes” are designed to move capitals from one “investment” to another. If you research the economic history you will be able to see that the moment such “investment” disappears the “pyramid scheme” collapses – OneLife is still here and doesn’t show signs for changing its subject of activity and/or subject of its sales;




In the article it is claimed that “25 countries the authorities have launched investigations… ” – regarding these we provide to our readers, the below clarifications:


  • The results of the investigation in Finland were officially announced by the Finnish Police (announcement dated 04.11.2015) confirming that based on the current information there are no prerequisites for pre-trial proceedings and there are no violations found, from which at this moment to be concluded that there is evidence of a criminal offense;
  • The investigation in Germany is addressing the business of a service provider – IMS, which was performing services without the necessary license. There are actually 2 decisions out of 3 which are only addressing the activity of this services provider. In terms of the investigation regarding Onecoin, please have in mind that in the two decisions taken on 04th of January 2018 by the 4 Criminal Division of the Higher Regional Court Hamm, being the court of appeal referring to the investigations initiated by BaFin the following was/is stated “…after nearly 2 years of investigations, …an allegations of fraud can no longer be used as a basis …..at the moment” - decision quoted is hereto attached;
  • The investigation in UK - CoLP has launched investigation into International Marketing Strategies Ltd – another service provider, “strongly linked to Onecoin” – apparently from the case documents police was following fake Onecoin company registered in UK by some individual and subsequently the company appeared closed. Multiple discrepancies in the case papers, were established by the corporate lawyers showing the wrongful “attachment” of Onecoin/OneLife to the matter. In relation to the FCA warning, please note that the Regulator itself admits that: “this firm (Onecoin) is not authorized by us and we do not believe it is undertaking any activity that requires our authorization…”. Please also note that the warning was subsequently removed;
  • The investigation in Belize – please note that the warning issued by the Financial Regulator in Belize was legally irrelevant to the activity of OneLife Network – namely distribution/sale of online educational courses, via network-marketing business type. Due to this and after the exchange of the relevant opinions the warning was removed and the removal was officially confirmed by the Regulator. The sale of online educational courses is not an activity regulated by financial authorities;
  • The investigation in Sweden - The Police closed the investigation, as confirmed on 01/03/2017 in announcement provided to Norwegian lawyers by the Swedish Gaming Board; However due to pressure it saw again resumed; Up to date no fraud confirmation;
  • The warning of Singapore financial authority MAS - MAS’ website says the Investor Alert List is a list of “unregulated persons” who may wrongly have been perceived to be licensed or authorised by the MAS – this however doesn’t have anything in common with any criminal allegations against Onecoin. Dissemination of any other interpretation is considered as defamation and will be treated as such;
  • The warning in Portugal - Banco de Portugal warns that OneLife Network Limited (Belize), OneCoin Limited (Dubai) and One Network Services Ltd (Bulgaria), acting in their own name or through third parties, under the trading name “Onecoin” and “Onelife”, are not on this date and never were authorized – in Portuguese territory – to accept deposits or other repayable funds (nor to carry on any other financial activity subject to the supervision of Banco de Portugal). This warning doesn’t have also anything in common with the business activities of any of the mentioned companies and with the operation of any other cryptocurrency at all;
  • The warning in Hungary - The Bank issued an investment warning, identifying OneCoin as a “virtual pyramid scheme”. The Bank has also previously warned about Bitcoin;
  • The warning in Bulgaria – The FSC in its official statement 2015 said that “At present, OneCoin or other virtual currencies are not recognized and treated as a financial instrument……….”in other words the activity related to cryptocurrencies is not regulated by the financial regulator;
  • The warning in Belgium – FSMA – was due to false announcement made that the regulator endorse Onecoin - Press release warning the public that neither OneCoin nor the persons promoting it have been recognised or authorised by the FSMA. The laws and regulations that FSMA enforces do not apply to OneCoin operations;
  • Announcements/warnings in Austria – FMA - Austrian Financial Market Authority published an 'Investor Warning' for OneCoin: “By publication in the official gazette "Amtsblatt zur Wiener Zeitung" of 12 July 2017, the FMA hereby informs, that OneCoin Ltd. is not entitled to carry out banking transactions in Austria that require a license…..” – Onecoin was never performing any type of financial activity;
  • Investigation in India – the investigation is initiated directly in relation to individuals violating the local rules and regulations presenting Onecoin as investment and collecting funds as if authorized by the Company – please note that such authorization could never take place as Onecoin is not distribution company; Investigative activity is continuing at present. Please note criminal investigation is related to personal responsibility of individuals and cannot be implemented in relation to a legal entity;


Deliberately twisted or not the mass non-understanding of what is it cryptocurrency and how/if it is regulated results in an endless process of “chasing witches” not accompanied with sensible motives and reasonable conclusions.


“The Bulgarian headquarters have been searched” – there is no Bulgarian headquarter of Onecoin – there is an informational center about Onecoin. The offices searched, belong to One Network Services Ltd – a company entirely acting only within the Bulgarian market and providing administrative services dully announced to the National Revenue Agency in Bulgaria – showing transparently the specific activities in which the company is engaged.


Bjorn Bercke a.k.a. James Bond – from reliable sources we understood that this person was never invited for an interview, has never been introduced to the blockchain of Onecoin and has never been granted whatever access to the system and all is obviously desperate attempt to advertize himself on the back of Onecoin. This is the reason why legal actions have been initiated - explained from the company.