A fine for the Sofia Regional Court on a scandal with his ex-director Metodi Lalov

The decision on the first instance was taken because of a scandal between the ex-administrative director of the Court – Metodi Lalov, and one of his employees. The woman is suing him for mental suffering, physical pain and offended prestige. Lalov wanted her to leave her job in the court at the same day as she got a stroke.

Tatyana has worked in the Sofia Regional Court for many years. She was very good at her job and she knew very well bot her previous and current administrative director in 2016 – Metodi Lalov. She has never seen him being rude with his employees until the day he “raised hell”. Nevertheless she had previously heard that he had made her colleagues leave their job many times. It was July 13 2016 when the same happened to Tatyana. She never met her director after the scandal. After she recovered from the stroke she came back to work and is currently working in quite tense atmosphere. Metodi Lalov resigned half a year after the incident. Not only that he didn’t show up in the court so therefore the institution had to pay BGN 1000 to Tatyana, but also he remain silent when it comes to that case. Our attempt to find and invite him to present his own point of view was unsuccessful.

Both the court and Tatyana appeal against the decision on first instance. Sofia Regional Court gives no comments until the case is finished. Both our and Tatyana’s questions whether his behaviour corresponds to a representative of the court, remain with no answer.


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