‘AROSITA’ Gallery presents FIGURES

Painting, Nikolay Petkov 15.11. 2018 – 29. 11. 2018.

As a reminder that whatever else paintings may represent, they represent figures of speech.

The ‘slow brush’ technique is applied to test the possibility of achieving not through virtuoso, spectacular, ecstatic or pathetic gestures, but through series of routine, insignificant by themselves, yet determined and coordinated efforts, something meaningful and beautiful.

The exhibition consists of 20 watercolors with sizes between 30 and 70cm, painted in 2015-17, and titled Plan ABFigures AConcentrationHomeHutFour squaresThe upper two thirdsField of operationThree circlesSilhouettesFlagOpen bookChessQuartet A, BLow horizon,  Apple-tree, NovemberClear viewSouth Window.

Sofia, ‘Vrabcha’ Str. 12 B

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