Local elections’ campaign kicks off

EN Local elections’ campaign kicks off

6 227 901 electors have the right to vote according to the Central Electoral Commission (CEC)

The local elections’ campaign started on September 27, 2019. The vote is going to take place on October 27. The campaign for regular local elections kicks off 30 days before the voting day, according to the Election code. During that period, citizens, political parties, coalitions, initiative committees, candidates and observers have freedom of speech and written or oral agitation through media or during any kind of elections meetings.

6 227 901 electors have the right to vote according to the Central Electoral Commission (CEC).

66 political parties and coalitions have registered to take part in the local elections. 1254 people applied as candidates for mayors of municipalities, 5 059 – of mayoralties and 460 – of districts.

The Election code provides also that the campaign is led in Bulgarian.

Voting will be in two rounds – the first will take place on October 27 when the mayor and the municipal council are elected, and the second will take place on November 3 – for those mayors where none of the candidates has more than 50% of the vote in the first poll.

The mandate of all mayors, municipal councilors and mayors of mayoralties or districts is four years. Some villages have deputy-mayors, but they are not being elected – they get appointed by the mayors of bigger cities.

Machine voting is dropped for the local elections. The amendments to the Election code were passed in July to ease the process of voting. The voting rights of Bulgarians abroad were also limited for the local elections.

In order to have the right to vote on October 27, a citizen must have been resident in the particular town or village in Bulgaria at least six months prior to the date of the local elections. October 12 is the deadline for applying to vote in your place of residence, but also for people with disabilities to require voting in their home.


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