Telenor marks the Safer Internet Day with Instagram campaign with Atanas Kolev

Singer Atanas Kolev’s Instagram profile took central stage during Telenor’s Safer Internet and Digital Literacy campaign It’s Up to You that marked this year’s Safer Internet Day on February 5.

During the day, Nasko let his fans decide what he should do by voting in his Instagram stories polls. The internet users decided his actions – from his breakfast choice, to what to publish on a friend’s Facebook profile and if he was to publish someone’s nude photos. The goal of the poll questions was to demonstrate the various risks online. At the end of the campaign, Nasko revealed that the challenges are part of Telenor’s campaign and urged his fans to never go to extremes for the sake of online popularity and to not let the internet control their real lives.

Telenor had the It’s Up to You (От теб зависи) campaign for a second year on the occasion of the International Safer Internet Day – February 5 in cooperation with the Bulgarian Safer Internet Center. The campaign’s website has additional content that can help young people to learn more about the risks online and how to overcome them.

On February 5, Telenor also awarded the best participants in the program Cyberscout for 2018. The program by the Safer Internet Centre and Telenor is held since 2015 and aims to raise awareness among students and their teachers about the risks online and the ways to overcome them. In 2018, the program trained 506 students from 28 schools in 16 cities. Through different activities they successfully reached 2,000 of their peers and the best of them took first places in the national contest among the different squads.

Since 2006 Telenor traditionally and actively supports the initiatives related to ensuring safer internet, among which are a Social Networks Glossary for Parents and Online Bullying Handbook. Telenor was the first telecom company in Bulgaria to launch a filter that blocks web domains containing child sexual abuse materials.

Telenor is a leading telecommunication services provider with more than 3.1 million active users in Bulgaria. As of August 1, 2018, Telenor Bulgaria, along with Telenor Hungary and Telenor Serbia & Montenegro are part of PPF Group.

PPF Group invests in multiple market segments such as banking and financial services, telecommunications, biotechnology, insurance, real estate, and agriculture. PPF’s reach spans from Europe to Russia, Asia and North America. PPF’s assets under management totaled to almost EUR 38 billion (as at 30 June 2018).

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